Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief is the first book in an upcoming series about people with special abilities. Now, for some people, this might bring to mind the word “superhero.” Forget that word. This tale has no masked men or women wearing tights and flying around downtown.

Instead, these people hide their powers from the outside world lest they be experimented on by the government or be killed by the Dark One – a creature seemingly determined to destroy all powered individuals. Besides, all great powers come with great trade-offs. Have the ability to pass through walls? Great, but you might not be able to breathe while you do! Have the ability to heal? You don’t just heal people, but you take those injuries upon yourself and then need to heal from them. Have the ability to hurl energy bolts around? Be careful not to lose control or you could take out your friends as well as your foes.

When Murray enters this world, he is a thief. As he struggles to control his abilities, he faces threats from other powered individuals, including the power hungry General, as well as his own newfound abilities. Can Murray survive long enough to learn how to use his abilities? Or will he meet he meet a messy end first?