Defenders of Shadow and Light: Ghost Thief

Murray Gastev is anything but ordinary. He's a thief for hire and a good one at that. He completes his latest job but ends up with far more than just the cash he expected to receive. He finds he now has the ability to pass through walls and float. There are just two small problems: He can't breathe while he 'ghosts' and he can't control where he floats to. With the help of some new friends, Murray might learn to control his powers and may even pull off his biggest heist yet. If he doesn't end up being sliced to ribbons first.

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About The Author

Jason Levine is a web developer by day and web developer/blogger/writer/cook/photographer by night. He’s also a full time husband and father. Jason is a self-described geek who is interested in all things technology, even if monetary realities don’t allow him to buy all the newest cool toys. He’s also a kid at heart and will happily get down and dirty playing with his kids or sit on the couch with them watching cartoons. (One of the perks of fatherhood: You get to play with toys and watch cartoons and pretend it’s for them!)

You can find Jason on Twitter and on his blog via the links below, or you can contact him by filling out the form below: